dal soup

I’m craving Indian dal soup. The thin, rather plain lentil soup you get in some Indian restaurants in the U.S. (not sure about anywhere else), usually has some cilantro on the top, and it’s delicious. I’ve kinda-sorta made it just by guessing, and it comes out good, but it’s not quite right. So I’m trying to find the right recipe to nail it. Exactly which kind of lentil or dal to use doesn’t seem to matter… red lentils and mung dal are easy to find.

Recipe #1 This looks about right, nice and soupy.
Recipe #2 I’m not used to chunks of tomato (maybe small pieces) but this looks good too.
Recipe #3 Simple, but coconut milk? And where’s the ghee with the spices added at the end? I think I’ll pass on this one.
Recipe #4 — on YouTube :D This one’s vegan… I might be tempted to add ghee… but it looks simple and totally worth trying. :9

Recipe for butternut dal… yum! Not the soupy kind of dal though. Also, instructions for browning onions correctly and for making tadka.

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